Attention CEOs and Business Owners:


Are you concerned because you are losing staff you want to keep…

          …And keeping staff you’d like to lose?


Do you worry that your executive team and staff are not on the same page or fully on board with the company’s strategic direction?


Are you frustrated because you and your business partners are not in agreement about how to move forward so there is no forward movement?


Do you suspect that your managers and supervisors don’t have the leadership skills to motivate staff so they can and will contribute to their fullest potential?


Do you sometimes feel like your staff just don’t “get it”?


If you answered yes to any of these questions you are not alone. In recent studies these issues were consistently among the top concerns keeping CEOs and business owners awake at night.


At Action-Strategies-By-Design, we believe the solution to these problems can be found through a focus in four fundamental areas.

Elements of a Competitive Edge


Developing high functioning teams requires skilled leaders. It takes an aligned, high-functioning team to set a strong strategic direction, and an even better team to communicate and execute on that strategy.

The complexity of today’s business environment is continually increasing. The velocity of change is at an all-time high and it is becoming increasingly difficult to create and maintain a competitive edge.


Here’s the bottom line – If you want to create and maintain a competitive edge
  • Develop effective leaders,
  • Build a cohesive, high functioning team,
  • Clearly communicate the vision, and then
  • Capitalize on the power of the team to develop and execute
    on aligned strategies that set you apart from the competition.


It’s that simple…


            …If only it were that easy!


At Action-Strategies-By-Design we provide a unique combination of facilitative consulting, training and coaching to help organizations of all sizes realize results by developing effective leaders, high-functioning teams, aligned strategies and clear messages.


Are you ready to set a clear and aligned strategic direction and gain commitment to that direction so you and your team can and will take the actions necessary to execute?


If you are ready to create a true competitive edge that will enable you to:
  • Capitalize on the full potential of your team,
  • Realize maximum results, and
  • Assure the ongoing relevance and sustainability of your organization
Call Julie Chance at 972-701-9311 or email her at to schedule a time to talk. Or if you prefer simply complete this form and we’ll contact you.



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